The Pasta

Our products are unique and exclusive


Organic durum wheat semolina


We use only the purest spring water


An ancient traditional place, the Pasta City




Macaroni Production in Gragnano dates back to the end of the XVI Century with the first pasta factories ,led by local families. It’s only in th middle of the XVII century that the little town in Lattari Mountains Became famous for its pasta production.



We have decided to get that old story relive with the same passion and devotion. We have inherited it and want you to know it trough our taste without changing The substance, without changing the story.



Pasta Factory

Ours is a story of little producers cooperating with millers.

Gragnano factory

Sorrentino Factory was born in Gragnano in the enchanting scenery of “Valle dei Mulini” in which the wheather conditions have been allowing to create since over five Centuries an unique Pasta.

Our intent is to propose again in a modern way this ancient tradition, realising a special Organic durum wheat pasta

Our philosophy

We transform Organic durum wheat semolina offering a wide range of special size, all caracterized by An agreable texture and by an unique taste, loved and preferred by the gourmet.

A biological product is a product supporting the environnement and the territory, which brings out the inner quality of our local communities .

Our biological crops defend the environnement in the respect of our earth.


The IGP certification is a quality mark attributed to food and agricultural products. If a product deserves the IGP certification, it means that its quality and its typicality depend on its geographical origin, on the very place of its production.

Pasta IGP certification from Gragnano

The IGP certification of the Pastificio Sorrentino testifies to the tradition of Gragnano production. The production takes place within the municipality of Gragnano and respects a strict disciplinary.

ISO 22000 - ISO 22005

The ISO 22000 certification defines the requirements for the design of a Food Safety management system, together with the ISO 22005 traceability certification, gives the consumer the opportunity to trace the history of the product.

Raw materials

The excellence of raw materials is the only way to obtain un higher quality product.


Organic durum wheat semolina


Pure spring water

La Pasta

L'oro di Gragnano

Produced according to the dictates of the regulations of the Gragnano City of Pasta Consortium.

L'Oro di Gragnano
Pasta IGP di Gragnano

With the Gold of Gragnano we rediscover the flavor of a tradition and the taste of a product made with simple ingredients, the result of the selection of the best raw materials and an artisan manufacturing process, slow and with attention to every detail.

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Slow drying process at lower temperatures

What is it?

The bronze-drawing assures special sensations ,it gives you tactiles feelings : the pasta is rough and wrinkled,that encourages the union with sauces.Slow drying at lower temperatures gives the recognizable pale yellow colour and preserves all the essence and the taste of the first matter; in addiction It preserves the lisina a proteic protein held in the wheat in low values deteriorating as the drying temperatures grows.

How we make it

It’s an activity which demands nowadays a big passion and experience, which pass from generation to generation and which has made Gragnano famous in the world. Bronze -Drawing working is indeed the result of an age-old tradition which includes the work of large generations who preserve a big sense of our identity.

The advantages

Our Organic durum wheat pasta is a pleasure of the senses…


The Gragnano pasta’s taste is known all over the world.


An unique resistance which makes it ideal for earth and sea sauces.


The drying gives to our pasta a parfum which remembers the ripe corn.

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