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I Classici

They are formats that make the most of the peculiarities of the Gragnano pasta.
Ideal for gourmet creations and with sh sauces, translate into the pot the texture
and flavor of the pasta obtained from durum wheat semolina, the bronze drawing and
slow drying and natural.

i classici in packaging

I Giganti

Pasta is the absolute protagonist of your plate. The formats "Giants"
were created to contain the most various toppings such as cheese,
meat sauce or provola cheese, and the pleasure is in the hunt inside them
little pieces of pure pleasure. Make the most of the time and manner of cooking
and are great with meat and sh sauces.

i giganti in confezione

I Sempre in Tavola

Perfect for sauces and soups linked to tradition, the formats
"Always on the table" are like the morning coffee or ice cream in
the summer: although usual, choose them and find them in the dish is a
feast for all. As mom and dad these are kind of pasta which is hard not to love.
Symbol of the tables in the family, a must to which we are always loyal.

i sempre in tavola in confezione da 500g

I Lunghi

Since we were child the fork is an instrument, an innate gesture
to roll up Spaghetti; it’s an art which every Italian knows,
it's a prelude of enjoyement which creates a taste explosion.
The format "Long" is the origin of pasta.

i lunghi in pacco busta

Gli Sfiziosi

There are dishes which are born suddenly improvising,
associating the available ingredients in sideboard.
The ability is to create a good plate from simple and few elements.
The pasta gives a touch of verve to the plate born to stimulate
the creativity, the "Sfiziosi" enjoy eyes and taste.

sfiziosi nella confezione trasparente

Gli Esclusivi

Playing with the taste and quality, creating original dishes
can make a difference. Who likes to experiment, discovers new
couplings and not put limits on research. The cuisine is creative art
and with formats "Exclusive" uniqueness becomes the rule.

Gli esclusivi in pack